Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Blog! How Exciting!!!!

Hey everyone!!! Steve Kaufman here!

I am here hanging out in the Marketing Department at Technalign, helping people realize that not all Linux Distros are the same. wink wink Pioneer Linux ROCKS!

Besides being a Closet Geek i am finishing up my last semester at the University of Wyoming getting my degree in Marketing. My background is with Apple i just finished the Apple Campus Rep program.

As far as this Blog goes, i will be posting a new subject each week if not more. Please take my Survey Located to your right. You can click more than on distro if you use multiple.
Check in often for the latest blog. My topics are going to be random but they should be entertaining and fun. Filled with rants, raves, and the latest Pioneer Linux news and innovations.

On a final note, i just wanted to point out that PC World magazine made a bold statement this month claiming Windows Vista the biggest disappointment of 2007! :)

Until the Next post go check out and download our distro at

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Michael said...

HI Steve, If you don't mind I would like to post a few links to Pioneers sites.

Michael.... aka boilertech