Thursday, January 17, 2008

Automatix Teams with Technalign

Team Technalign & Automatix

Technalign is teaming up with with Automatix! The partnership is going to focus on building a version of Automatix specifically for Pioneer. Along with this, Automatix is also going to help Technalign develop repositories for Debian, Mepis, and Ubuntu. These repositories will be the Cowboy, Cowgirl, Wrangler, and Automatix repositories.
The Cowboy Repository is free software, the Cowgirl Repository is non-free software, and the Wrangler Repository is commercial software. The Automatix repository will be Automatix with other packages going into either the Cowboy, Cowgirl, or Wrangler Repositories.

Automatix is also helping Technalign with their Warrior Project which is going to be based on Debian testing and unstable, following all of the Debian packaging guidelines.

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